Answer the call to take up the Fun Taiwan Challenge!

Are you up to your eyeballs in your daily grind? Need to take a breather? Want to experience some exotic culture? Specifically, want to take a look at the beautiful island Formosa, Taiwan? Here’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to get away from it all: Become a contestant in Fun Taiwan Challenge Season 2!

Fun Taiwan Challenge is the first reality TV game show produced in Taiwan by TLC under the aegis of Taiwan Tourism Bureau. Janet Hsieh, the lovely and sparkly host, takes contestants on an expedition to every corner of Taiwan (its offshore islands included) where they take up action-packed challenges — all of them unthinkable and tough to complete. One moment you’re a serious treasure hunter, the next moment you’re standing in the middle of nowhere begging a free moped ride to the next venue of promise. One second you’re Tarzan rustling through the woods and the next you’re playing chess with someone acting as your human challenger. One instant you’re a chef cooking designated Taiwanese dishes, the next instant you’re all suited up for an act in the Taiwanese opera.  In other words, you’re going to wear many hats during a single episode. Does that sound exciting enough to you?

(Source: TLC Taiwan)

Those pulling ahead initially are bound to face grim elimination in the contests that follows. Despite overwhelming odds and hardship, the payoff is proportionally rewarding as the ultimate winner will be crowned with a hefty prize of NT$ 1 million (US$33,500)!

Can’t wait to take the plunge? Well, TLC and Janet are recruiting more and more contestants to take part in the production of the hugely popular reality game show series. If you’re 18+ in age, fluent in English, and of a fun-loving personality, you’re most welcome to sign up now at and grab the rare opportunity to experience first-hand Taiwan’s delicious cuisine and delicacies, tourist hotspots and cultural activities.

(Source: TLC Taiwan)

Wait, you ain’t heard nothing yet. Here’s the best part of it: TLC will fly you into Taiwan from anywhere in the world! What are you waiting for?

Taiwan is known for its varieties — a confluence of many different cultures, languages, foods and landscapes. As a fan of Fun Taiwan Challenge Season 1, I’m pretty sure that physical participation in the show is a great way to get a taste of all these beautiful things in so small a window of time.

Janet Hsieh is also hosting another popular Taiwan-focused series “Fun Taiwan” on prime-time TLC channel. Aside from being a native English speaker, she wears gorgeous smiles, is full of beans, enthuses about introducing the beauty of Taiwan to the world. That, alone, says a lot about why Janet has become one of my favorite hosts of all time.

Unlike other strict and harsh reality show hosts, such as Heidi Klum of Project Runway or Gordon Ramsay of Hell’s Kitchen, Janet Hsieh seems a more passionate and lenient host in comparison. She brings forward the two best qualities of the Taiwanese people, namely hospitality and kindness. I think her hosting makes her shows all the more watchable.

Caution: If you get picked as a legit contestant, be ready to compete against me in the next shooting. Just kidding – the Challenge is not for Taiwanese!

(Special thanks to my Twitter friend Sue Reddel (@shreddel) of Posh Ports (@PoshPorts) for mentioning me in her well-written article about Taiwan. It’s always a pleasure to be unwittingly of help to people in need.)


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