Le Bistro de L’ Olivier Kicks You into French Mode

Maggie Liu, the executive chef of Le Bistro de L’ Olivier, is also the host of a famed cooking show “Maggie’s Magic Menu” on TLC.

Maggie and I first met when I appeared on her cooking show as a guest. Click to read “Behind the Scenes: Maggie’s Magic Menu Show.”

Le Bistro de L’ Olivier brings a fresh breeze of a trendy French mode to Taipei with its classic, cozy French-style decorations. But it is its authentic dishes that give the illusion that you’re in France.   (Elegant, cozy dining space that makes me want to hang around more.)

You don’t quite find well-garnished dishes at Le Bistro like you do at a Michelin-Starred restaurant, but you sure will discover the simplicity of cooking and enjoy the essence of French cuisines while you’re there.

● What I have ordered at Le Bistro de L’ Olivier

1. Roasted Rack of Lamb Chop with Rosemary Sauce: The tenderness of the succulent lamb was instantly felt when I took the first bite. And the rosemary sauce went so well with the mashed potato.

2. Fillet of Sole Meuniere with Tarragon Sauce

3. French Style Fish Soup

4. Foie Gras Brulee Salad: This salad is tops in its category. Foie Gras, crusted with a thin layer of caramel and sitting atop the greens, is a perfect match. All is complemented by a small clump of crunchy sweet nuts and ample dashes of pleasantly tart sauce. This delicacy was deceptively simple in presentation yet its sophisticated pungent flavor would decidedly blow you away.

5. Baked Escargots with Garlic & Herbs Butter: I’m always big on baked escargots. And escargots baked in rich garlic-flavored cheese was simply a dish to die for.

6. Baguette & Tapenade: This was another pleasant surprise. The baguette was ridiculously tasty with tapenade. Maggie told us that she had tried out a host of baguettes baked in different ways before she settled on this most satisfying one. Finance permitting, I can simply go with this heavenly baguette for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

7. Souffle au Grand Marnier: This is the final touch of my meal. Souffle happens to be the most popular dessert at Le Bistro de L’ Olivier. It is a really big Souffle, the size of which close to a small cake.

Sooper Jerry’s Note:

Maggie is a warm and gracious chef and bistro owner. Check in advance when she’d be in at the shop if you fancy bumping into her while having a good meal at Le Bistro de L’ Olivier. She’d love to emerge from the kitchen as often as she can, make the rounds of the tables, have a chat with her customers, and learn about their opinion on her dishes.

Open hours: 12:00-14:00; 18:00- / Tue-Sun
Address: No. 122, Sec.2, An-He Rd., Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: 02- 8732-3726


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