Bryan Dechart: A Bright Rising Star to Watch

(Bryan Dechart at the Emmys 2012)

The privilege was mine to have the opportunity to interview Bryan Dechart, whose meteoric rise to stardom indicates that we can expect to see him appear on both the silver and small screens more and more.
 [Bryan Dechart with Erica Dasher (L.) and India de Beaufort from Jane by Design]

I first noticed Bryan when he made his debut in Jane by Design, a well-received TV series produced by the ABC Family, in which he played the role of Eli Chandler. For those who aren’t familiar with the show, by the way, Jane by Design features Jane Quimby (played by Erica Dasher), who juggles two secret occupations — one as a high-school student and the other as a jobholder in high fashion — to fulfill her fashion dream. Jane meets Eli at work and they have a subtle romance while no one detects her true identity as a legit high schooler.

[Eli (by Bryan Dechart) and Jane (by Erica Dasher)]

(Video clip of Eli in Jane by Design.)

Bryan didn’t show up in the first few episodes. But when he did, he lighted up the whole show, providing more twists and an air of expectancy for all the fans of Jane by Design. Jane by Design itself is hands down a fascinating TV series, but viewers would not mind if a couple of more characters were added to juice up the show. Thus, when Eli slipped into Jane’s life, I stopped switching channels as I loathed missing a single episode. You know what I mean if you happen to be a Jane by Design fiend.

Bryan is a versatile actor. You can find him in a wide range of films — ancient, modern, fictional, romantic, etc. Bryan took to acting as a duck takes to water, you can put it that way. He creates his own acting style with his distinct personality. Sometimes l find it hard to connect with the characters in a movie or TV series because the actors are not following their true emotions. Instead, they’re just “acting” for the sake of acting. But such is not the case with Bryan. I actually find it easier to relate to the role he plays. That is all it matters in the eyes of a film viewer like me. Successful actors don’t fail to build and beam their emotions to those sitting in front of the screen; that’s what Bryan unfailingly does.

(This photo definitely has the potential to win Bryan an audition for Twilight.)

 (This Bryan harks back to the ‘60s.)

Here goes my interview with Bryan. You will get a clearer picture of Bryan being a genuine, easygoing guy. He talks about why he chose to go down the road of acting, his experience as an actor (this is one of the most engaging parts the fans of Jane by Design clearly don’t want to miss), his next move, and lastly, some inspiring words to his fans. Read on…

Mini biography of Bryan from IMDb:
Bryan Dechart was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and raised outside Detroit, Michigan. Graduated with honors from New York University with a BFA in Acting. Studied at the Meisner Extension, the Experimental Theater Wing, the Viewpoints Studio, Stonestreet Studios for Film and Television. Trained in Commedia dell’arte in Florence, Italy.


SJ: So how did you come to appreciate the joy of acting? When did you decide to take the plunge?

Bryan Dechart: I auditioned for my first play at my hometown’s community theater when I was in 7th grade. I was pretty terrible at sports when I was a kid, still am actually, and theater was the first sense of community I had while growing up. It was the first place where I felt like I belonged. I guess I’d say I “took the plunge” when I was auditioning for colleges. I had no real idea what being an actor was all about, I certainly didn’t know where it would lead me, I just kind of followed the fun.

SJ: Has acting changed your life?

Bryan Dechart: Absolutely. I was a pretty reserved little kid, and very sensitive.  Getting into acting opened me up, made me less afraid to take risks and it gave me a much better sense of myself as a person — It’s the way I understand this ridiculous thing we call “life”.

SJ: What’s it like filming Jane by Design at the studio?

Bryan Dechart: Jane By Design was my first project on a studio lot, which is like this massive, well-oiled machine — and the crew on JBD was fantastic. They really deserve a lot of credit for creating an environment that was so fun and exciting to work on.  The stylists and art department were amazing. I was blown away by the Donovan Decker set when I walked on for my first scene. It was such an elaborate building within a building, down to the details; the sketchbooks and folders were full of designs; the clothes and accessories in the offices brought the set to life. The cast had a lot of fun working together and the studio lot was an incredible playground.

 (Eli Chandler is a fashion designer in Jane by Design.)


(These photos bring back the fond memories of Jane by Design episodes.)

SJ: What would be your next move after Jane by Design? Any other productions in the works that we can expect to watch soon?

Bryan Dechart: Right now, I’m flying back to the Hamptons in New York to shoot a feature called “The Awakened” – and a few other films will be finding their way to the festival circuit this year. There’s a sci-fi film “Dreams From A Petrified Head” in which I play a memory-editing, history-re-writing android, “Commencement” a great ensemble family drama starring Amelia Rose Blaire (I play the over-privileged ex-boyfriend) and “FISH: a boy in a man’s prison” is in pre-production — based on the memoirs of the same title by writer/director TJ Parsell. I’ll post updates to my Twitter and Facebook .

(Bryan Dechart, a star poised to shine even brighter.)

SJ: I’m sure your fans would love to get a word of love or encouragement from you. What would it be?

Bryan Dechart: They aren’t my words, but I’ll steal from the best… “To thine own self be true.” As simple and cliche as it sounds, life really seems to respond well to those who listen to themselves and follow their hearts. We’re probably only going to do this whole “being alive” thing once, so I say go for it, whatever your thing is, let it happen. The universe prefers it when we’re happy.

Sooper Jerry’s Note:
1. I do relate to Bryan in this interview. I’m no sporting type myself, and I love acting just like Bryan, but I need to be blessed with the chance first.
2. Successful as he is, Bryan remains a humble and amiable dude, which made my approaching him a very enjoyable one. I appreciate that very much. Let’s all root for Bryan!

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