A Thriving Legacy Cherished by Spain, Cheered by the World


Is it clay? Nope.

Metal? Nay.

Resin? Wrong.

Wood? Try again.

Marble? Nice shot but better luck next time.

You can keep on guessing like this till you’re blue in the face without me letting you in on the actual material these striking art pieces are made of.


Well, it’s hard to believe, but the material is nothing more than edible chocolate!


You’d probably think that chocolate is chocolate is chocolate, plain and simple, and that big arts are the last thing you’d think could be made out of the deep brown material. Nothing could be further from the truth. And I bet that you may want to think again after you’ve come into the presence of Enric Rovira, the indisputable master of chocolate, and his unparalleled chocolate creations. Enric, based in Spain, creates and takes the singular art form of malleable chocolate to a celestial level no one has ever reached, as the photos and video clips here aptly manifest. (Now please take your time photo-hopping. You can come back and read the rest of this post later. By the way, don’t miss the video clips while you’re at it.)


You’d be blown away watching Enric create and play with chocolate, a rarely chosen medium of expression. His way of creating — a feast for the eye — is also a feat you’d hardly think feasible. In his studio, chocolate creation is a serious business but bursts of laughter and gosh can be heard throughout every session.

564747_508722169185281_1666280548_n Enric Rovira creates, originates, concocts and improvises with undivided attention.

Whenever I hear (or overhear) people say they are not big on chocolate, I’m always like, ‘Huh? Are they serious? Or, ‘Did I hear them right? They must be nutty… How can anyone be so-so about chocolate?’ As a mute response, this counter statement usually forms in my mind: Every one of us (Okay, everyone I met so far) loves chocolate, so much so that it’d be no surprise that we’d bump into a chocoholic (Reads: a person who not just enjoys chocolate but craves it) anytime we step onto the street on a good day. So if you don’t mind, let’s just leave it at that for now.


The first time I spied Enric and his impressive creations on the TLC channel lately, I could not believe my eyes. And I thought, Good gracious, this smashing visual art conjured up by Enric would be yet another reason for me (and everyone else) to love chocolate even more. But wait, did that mean that I’d savor chocolate all the same when it is presented in such elegant and sometimes dazzling artistic forms? Though I’m crazy about chocolate, I’m not so sure if I could bring myself to take even a small bite of that stunning piece Enric has meticulously crafted. In other words, to eat, or not to eat, has now become the question. That’s something that had never troubled me before I met with Enric’s unique chocolate artworks.


To eat, or not to eat, that’s the question.

Let’s hear what Enric has to say about this dilemma. But first I feel compelled to say that I’m honored to have Enric sharing with us his artistic chocolate creation experience. Enric is cool, humorous, warmhearted and shrewd. The living chocolate legend answers my questions with the same amusingly succinct yet discerning style that he unfailingly applies to his chocolate masterpieces.

SooperJerry: What’s the best part of being a chocolate artist?

Enric Rovira: That people can eat my works. (This punch-line equivalent has indirectly answered that to-eat-or-not-to-eat question of mine.)

SJ: What do you want to convey chiefly to your consumers when you do creations?

ER: I want people to have a moment of pleasure, visually, conceptually and gastronomically.

SJ: What is your philosophy in bringing a ceaseless flow of chocolate marvels to customers?

ER: I think that in life it is necessary to progress and we are always trying to do it.

SJ: What has been the main source of your inspiration?

ER: The different pleasures of life.

SJ: How do you put your inspiration to work?

ER: I translate it into my world, giving it shape and flavor and packing it in a suggestive way

SJ: What’s so unique about chocolate that makes you decide to devote yourself to the creation and re-creation of the material? Are there any other materials that you’d like to toy with alongside chocolate?

ER: Chocolate was already a very interesting ingredient in my parents’ pastry shop, and the one that I liked best. But there are many other ingredients that I like to work with now.


Some more tidbits about Enric the chocolate master. Growing up in his parents’ pastry shop, i.e. the revered Pastisseria Rovira located on Gelabert Street in Barcelona, Spain, Enric acquired a ‘sweet thumb’ over time and started to outline in his young head a plan of him bringing forth something genuinely innovative and authentic that could be made possible only on the fertile ground of the chocolatier’s honorable tradition. In the meantime, he developed a passion for visual art and sculpture, which later saw him evolve into one-of-a-kind chocolate artist. In the process, Enric wisely combined his esthetic eye, his fine craftsmanship and his profound knowledge of chocolate, and successfully breathed new life into the time-honored shop and tradition his old folks had lived their entire lives. Before long, a shop named after him was established and gaining fame rapidly.

Enric Rovira is best known for creating a wide range of chocolate artworks of various designs, flavors, shapes, sizes, colors and hues. He is gifted with the most enviable talent of transforming his wild imaginations into clear-cut objects so elegant and robust that the purity, smoothness and plasticity of chocolate are celebrated in a brilliant fashion. His crafting techniques and his mastery of the chocolate art are peerless indeed.


313308_502981276426037_1615871491_nChocolate is no longer chocolate per se in the eyes of Enric Rovira. In his magical hands, chocolate creation has flourished to become art in a category of its own.


These chocolate big eggs are as different from each other as can be at a closer look. See how Enric makes these eggs together with Anthony Bourdain here with the help of blazing sunlight.


PAUIn the chocolate kingdom, Enric Rovira reigns supreme.

SooperJerry’s Note

1. I was delighted to have interviewed Enric and learned his personal take on the distinct chocolate arts. Words fail me in how much I appreciate the opportunity of interviewing him. After all, the opportunity of engaging an art creator the stature of Enric Rovira does not come along too often.

2. If you crave more of Enric’s artworks, please visit www.enricrovira.com



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