Special Thanks

●Thanks to Taiwan News, the first and most venerated English newspaper in Taiwan, for publishing my article on Nathan Sawaya, the famed recreator of LEGO and the sole sculptor in the “The Art of the Brick” exhibit. Click to read “Nathan Sawaya: Recreator of LEGO” and “Nathan Sawaya Takes My Questions“.

●Thanks to Nathan Sawaya for sharing his thoughts on LEGO as an art media in “Nathan Sawaya Takes My Questions.” It’s been a great honor for me to introduce him as the mastermind of the one-of-a- kind exhibit, “The Art of the Brick.”

●Thanks to “The Art of the Brick” Taiwan Facebook fan page for sharing my posting “Nathan Sawaya: Recreator of LEGO.” My pleasure to share info on such a great exhibit with everyone.

●Thanks to Chef Curtis Stone for taking a face-to-face interview with me and sharing his thoughts on green diet in “Chef Curtis Stone’s Thoughts on Green Diet.”

●Thanks to Postcrossing for sharing my posting “Postcrossing: There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye” on its Facebook fan page. And thanks to all the Postcrossing fans for loving my post.

●Thanks to TLC Taiwan for giving me the enviable chance to appear on the national cooking show “Maggie’s Magic Menu.” Click to read “Behind the Scenes: Maggie’s Magic Menu Show.”

●Thanks to Janet Hsieh, host of Fun Taiwan on TLC, for sharing my posting”Answer the call to take up the Fun Taiwan Challenge!” on Twitter.

●Thanks to my Twitter friend Sue Reddel (@shreddel) of Posh Ports (@PoshPorts) for mentioning me and my posting “Din Tai Fung: the Rolls-Royce of Fast-Food Industry” in her well-written article about Taiwan. It’s always been a pleasure to be unwittingly of help to people in need.


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